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Cold Fusion

In the beginning, there was John and Steve, humbly vaping since 2009 just outside of Boston.  They vaped together, worked together, and discussed coils, mods, atomizers, and e-liquid together.

One day they realized they were both carrying around backpacks full of e-juices because neither could find anything they could vape all day.  That fine day in early 2013, the day Cold Fusion Juice was born, they decided to make their own.  

Months of toiling and experimentation ensued, resulting in a handful of flavors that John and Steve enjoyed. Soon friends were asking to purchase their wares, and they realized they could turn it into a business.  Thus, Cold Fusion enlisted Chip, the entrepreneurial mind behind the operation.  Now they had the means to bring Cold Fusion Juice to the rest of the world, but something was still missing.

Jeff was the last piece, the man whose technical savvy would help the crew tell the world about Cold Fusion. With that in place, the newly assembled super-team sung the Cold Fusion Battle Hymn from the mountain tops, and vapers all over the world heeded its call, immediately embracing their commitment to quality products at a more palatable price point.  Together they form Cold Fusion Juice, defending vapers everywhere from Evil flavor and terrible e-juice.



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